American Pride Fireworks, family owned and operated for 18 years

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Family owned and operated for 17 years, American Pride Fireworks is gearing up for its 18th July 4th season.


As they enter their third year in Blossom, Cory Wood, owner and operator of American Pride Fireworks, said fireworks have been a big part of his family.

“My wife and I started dating, and she was running a firework stand in Clarksville,” Wood said. “It’s fun working side by side. Plus, we like to pop them and entertain others also. Our kids have grown up working with fireworks.”

One of his favorite things to see when working the stand is the excitement on children’s faces when they see the variety of fireworks on the shelves.

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“Seeing what you have; so many different items put a big smile on their faces. Their faces light up when we give them a package of smoke bombs or even something as simple as a tank,” Wood said. “Just about everyone leaves with something for free.”

Wood said people respond differently to the packaging on some fireworks, and he said it’s also entertaining to watch.

“There’s one firework, Killer Clown,” Wood said. “It’s fun to see how many people freak out. It freaks them out because it has a clown on it, and a lot of people don’t like clowns.”

When it comes to firework safety, Wood doesn’t play around. He suggests people read the packaging because it lets them know what to expect and how to handle the fireworks.

“Don’t hold any firework,” Wood said. “Always ensure you light them and get away, and never throw them.”

American Pride Fireworks, in front of Unruh Concrete at 845 W. Front St. in Blossom, officially opens Thursday from about noon until about midnight each night leading up to July 4.