Greenville ISD officials investigate incident at middle school || Regional

Greenville Independent School District officials have finished investigating an incident in Greenville, Texas, at the middle school wherein a possible threat was perceived Tuesday.

Students and staff were interviewed this morning and investigators say there is no real threat to the school at this time.

“Late yesterday, a student stood up in class and made a loud joke about zombies and weapons,” said Helen Williams, Public Information Officer for Greenville Independent School District. “There was never any danger to students or staff. Out of an abundance of caution, GISD police officers conducted a thorough investigation, interviewing students in the class to be sure the student was only joking about zombies.¬†Today, school is running smoothly, and we don’t anticipate any further disruptions.”¬†

Williams continued, saying, “sometimes, young adolescents have trouble controlling their impulses. Please take this opportunity to talk to your students about the wise use of words and the consequences of spreading rumors. Here are some ideas for discussion:

– If they hear something, say something to an adult right away.
– Words matter, and a hoax or verbal threat can lead to serious consequences.
– Encourage them not to repeat or spread rumors on social media.”