Lamar Electric contractor to inspect utilities poles beginning Dec. 12, 2018

Lamar Electric has hired a contractor to inspect and re-treat around 5,000 of their utility poles in the northwest part of Lamar County.

The specific areas include Maxey, Unity, Direct, Garrett’s Bluff and Powderly.


The name of the contracted company is Osmose. Osmose will be on the properties of Lamar Electric members, digging around the poles checking for rotten poles. The Osmose crews will be wearing hard hats, reflective safety vests and may be riding ATVs or side-by-side vehicles.

All vehicles will be marked with the Osmose company name. Normally their work is done in January or February but crews became available early this year. Work is expected to start around Dec. 12, 2018.

“We like to get in front of any issues that may occur during a storm or in the middle of the night,” stated Lamar Electric’s Operations Manager, Scott Sansom. “If we go ahead and detect the rotten poles now, we can replace them on a sunny day rather than less fortunate circumstances.”

This also prevents Lamar Electric members from experiencing outages unnecessarily.

Earlier this year, this same contractor inspected approximately 5,000 poles in the Tigertown, Petty, Brookston, Sumner, Hopewell and Caviness areas.

“We get 10 percent of our poles every year on a 10-year cycle. We inspect about 5,000 poles each year. In 10 years we will be back to this same area” concluded Sansom.

Photo: Submitted by Lamar Electric