Local students host memorial drive for Brandon Earley and Kolby Fletcher

Photo submitted by Jay Wheeler.

Students throughout Red River County gathered together on Sunday, Feb. 17, in honor of the two students who tragically passed away from Rivercrest High School. Brandon Earley and Kolby Fletcher were loved and cherished by many, and those students decided to get together and drive to each of the families homes to pay condolences and share their love for the two seniors.

With more than 75 students meeting at the Love Civic Center, “The ride for Luke (Earley) and Tut (Fletcher) was great, it was powerful to see how many people came out to support one another and share the love we had with their families. I know that if Luke and Tut were here they would not want it any other way, because if it would have been for anyone other than them, those two would be right there at the front of the line revving their pickups as loud as we did for them,” said Jay Wheeler.


Kyle Baird said Earley was more than a friend, he was family.

“To me, Luke was more than a friend, I would call him family,” he said. “Even though we didn’t know each other that long, it seemed like we grew up together. Anytime I needed help with anything, he was on the way. Anytime I needed to talk, he was listening. Luke was a true friend, there was never a bad time between us. I will miss seeing that big gap showing when he’d have that ear-to-ear grin.”

The older cousin of Kolby Fletcher, Dakota Tippit, said that he inspired everyone around him.

“Tut Tut was not just a little cousin, he was a little brother,” he said. “He loved to tinker on his trucks and swap shop. Tut inspired me every day to be the greatest I could be, and that nothing is free, go to work and bust yours and one day you will get there.”

Both students’ funerals were highly attended on Tuesday, Feb. 19.