Sprint to the polls || Straight party voting numbers on the rise

Tomorrow, Nov. 6, is Election Day.

Have you voted yet or are you waiting to hit the polls? So far, Lamar County has set new record numbers for this Mid-Term Election. The number of registered voters is at an all-time high of 31,571, which is up by 1,185 voters from the 2016 election.


According to reports, in the 2014 mid-term election a total of 11,022 voters out of 29,691 voters hit the polls. That was 37.12% of all registered voters from that year. So far in this election cycle, between the Early Voting numbers (9,913) and the Ballot-By-Mail numbers (1,311 currently), a total of 11,224 or 35.55% votes have already been cast. That’s a new mid-term record for Lamar County as well.

There will be a new change in 2020 for Straight Party ticket voting as the state is doing away with that option on future ballots and you will be required to check an individual for each race. Historically, Lamar County has been growing more “Red” and voting straight party republican. The question is, will it continue for this last ballot with the Straight Party option? Here is a look at where the votes have landed for the last 5 election cycles.

The percentages listed are based on the amount of registered voter in those years:

2008 Presidential Election, Obama vs McCain 3,200 (17.27%) voted Democrat and 3,503 (18.90%) voted Republican.

2010 Mid-Term – 1,639 (13.58%) voted Democrat and 3,272 (27.11%) voted Republican. 2012 Presidential Election,

Obama vs Romney – 2,771 (16.02%) voted Democrat and 7,194 (41.60%) voted Republican.

2014 Mid-Term – 1,356 (12.30%) voted Democrat and 3,309 (30.02%) voted Republican.

2016 Presidential Election, Trump vs Clinton – 2,126 (11.29%) voted Democrat and 7,728 (41.06%) voted Republican.

For the highly contested local race for County Judge between incumbent Chuck Superville (Democrat) and his Challenger Brandon Bell (Republican), I know they have both been out campaigning hard and I will not wager on how the numbers will fall. So if you have not voted yet the only way you will have your voice heard is to get out and vote tomorrow at your local polling location.

Stay tuned to eParisExtra tomorrow evening as we give the Early Voting and Ballot-by-Mail voting numbers when they first come out at 7 p.m. and we will provide real-time updates as the precinct numbers start arriving at the courthouse,

By: JD Marrs

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