Play Smarter Golf with Paris’s new Teaching Pro Jeb Stuart

We are excited to welcome Paris native Jeb Stuart back to town as Pine Ridge’s newest golf instructor.

Jeb has traveled the world playing and teaching golf – and he is excited about sharing what he’s learned with golfers in Paris. For example, Jeb is a great resource for improving your course management.

Jeb knows from personal experience that what differentiates good rounds from bad is not the great shots, but the errant shots that cost you two, three, or four shots. What Jeb knows from experience is backed up by data. If you shoot in the 80’s or 90’s, the way you’ll reduce your score isn’t to get more birdies, but to eliminate the double bogeys (and worse).

If you need more convincing, look back over old scorecards. With few exceptions, if you replaced every double-bogey (and worse) with a bogey, your score would improve significantly. But how do you do that when an integral part of golf is hitting bad shots?! Often, double bogeys can be eliminated with better course management: lagging putts, playing to the safe side of the fairway or green, and resisting the urge to attempt heroic recovery shots.

Jeb is holding a course management class at Pine Ridge on Saturday, November 24, 2018. He is also hosting other skill-building classes and will be available for private lessons at Pine Ridge Golf Course and Paris Golf and Country Club.

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Good golfing!

Cathy Harbin, PGA, LPGA

Pine Ridge Golf Course, Paris, Texas