Whatever it takes, turn on the backswing || Golf tips with Cathy Harbin

When golfers make a good turn on the backswing, they gain several technical advantages. For example, a good turn increases the length of the backswing that can increase clubhead speed. A good turn also promotes a shallower and in-to-out swing path – both very desirable swing characteristics!

Many golfers, however, are inhibited from making a good turn on their backswing because of their misconceptions about what they should and should not do on the backswing.

My goal with this tip is to clear up some common misconception about the backswing so you can maximize your turn.

  1. The only way to turn your shoulders sufficiently on the backswing is to turn the hips. As soon as you start the backswing, allow the hips to turn too.
  2. Depending on your flexibility, you may need to lift the front heel to achieve a full turn. This is perfectly acceptable so don’t fight it. Jack Nicklaus did just fine by maximizing his turn by lifting his front heel.

A good turn on the backswing is one of the most important characteristics in a golf swing. Whatever it takes, do what you need to do to make a good turn on the backswing!

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